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GEON helps to draw up strategies to measure and manage GHG emissions and use this intelligence to cut down your carbon footprint. The team focuses on the potential of integration to meet current challenges and future opportunities. 

In CDM / VCS, we undertake projects in various disciplines including but not limited to: Renewable Energy (Bio Mass, Hydro Power, Wind Energy, Solar Energy), Waste Heat recovery, Cogeneration & Captive Power Projects, Fuel Switch Scenario, Captive Power Projects and Energy Efficiency Projects. 

Our team offers full range of services, from strategy to solution implementation. We assist in project screening, due diligence, project origination & identification, preparation of Project Design Document (PDD, PCN/PIN). Under PDD preparation we will carry out the following tasks: establishing baseline, conduct environmental impact study, conduct the Monitoring & Verification Protocol, Conduct Stakeholder Consultation & address the comments thereupon. Host Country Approval (HCA from MoEF); facilitate Validation by a designated operational entity (DOE). 

Contracting for selling of CERs and VERs etc. Analysis and consulting to facilitate the creation of carbon credits from valid projects, aiding organizations to maximize commercial opportunities. Exclusive advisor to manage carbon assets; obtaining price bids, facilitating Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements (ERPAs).


1.Chanakya Dairy Products Limited, Mandi Govind Garh: The Company was set up in the year 1991 with the first Plant at Mandi Govind Garh. in the State of Punjab. The company manufactures Pure Ghee, Skimmed Milk Powder, Whole Milk Powder, Curd, Dairy Whitener, etc. From the initial installed capacity the Company has enhanced the processing capacity from time to time and the present milk processing capacity of the plant is 500 MT per day. The cogeneration project implemented by the company generates clean energy, steam and electricity, in a sustainable manner optimizing utilization of renewable energy source (Rice Husk) for captive use instead of coal. The project was not financially viable as the capital & operating cost of the activity was much higher compare to use of coal. The only solution was to avail the carbon credit benefits to compensate the financial risks. First task was development of project design document to prove the sustainability of carbon project. Validation of the process of independent evaluation of a project activity against the requirements of the VCS registration of project, i.e. the formal acceptance of a validated project as a VCS project activity. Monitoring, Verification, Certification of VCS project activity with issuance & realization of credits. By selling carbon credits the company will receive approximately INR 14 Crore over a period of 10 years.

News Update

M/s. Bhatinda Ceramics Pvt. Ltd., Bhatinda (Punjab) gave a contract to Geon Consulting for work on a development and design of a 2500 CUM capacity Biogas plant with 250 kW power generation capacity. Geon Consulting prepared a detailed project report and design for the project.

Geon Consulting signed a contract to conduct Investment Grade Energy Audit with Spark Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

VCS validation of the project activity entitled Biomass based Steam Generation Plant of M/s. Chanakya Dairy Products Limited (CDPL) has been completed. Final validation documents of the project activity have been released by M/s. URS Verification Pvt. Ltd.

M/s. Kang Dairy Farm, Punjab has given a contract to Geon Consulting for work on a development and design of a 500 CUM capacity Compressed Biogas plant capacity. Geon Consulting has to prepare a Detailed Project Report and Design the plant. Geon Consulting has also to obtain statuary approvals for the project.